и не только бабушка...
и не только бабушка...

About the project

#БАБУШКАНАКОРМИТ (#GRANDMAWILLFEED) is a charity project that helps homeless cats and people who take care of them.

Homeless animals can’t survive in an urban environment without human support and care. Guess, who knows every cat in the yard? Who goes out to feed hungry and abandoned animals every day? Who spends all their small pension on food for animals? Of course, our grandmothers, our heroes. Generally, pensioners, who need to survive with low-level pension (often less than $ 130), take care of homeless animals in Russia. But despite the financial difficulties, they help other creatures to survive.

The project #БАБУШКАНАКОРМИТ (#GRANDMAWILLFEED) curates some pensioners, poor citizens and disabled people who protect and take care of homeless cats, providing them with food for cats. Taking care of homeless animals brightens up their pastime and loneliness, gives meaning in their lives. That it also very important for our society!

The activities of the project #БАБУШКАНАКОРМИТ (#GRANDMAWILLFEED) are carried out by volunteer donations. We are the sympathetic people, interested in improving the quality of life for homeless cats. The humane regulation of homeless animals population (castration / sterilization), arrangement of their habitats, assistance in finding shelters and homes help to achieve this goal.

Our project is a kind of tribute to the cats of Blockade Leningrad and desire to help cats that are historical and cultural legacy of Saint Petersburg.

Everyone can help the project! You don’t even need to leave your house. From any region of Russia and all over the word! Only with your support – we can do it! Let’s make the world better and kinder together!

How to help the project

You can feed homeless cats staying at home. From anywhere in the world.

Order any cat food with a minimum cost – 18 rubles ($ 0,24) in the online pet store "MURZIK” on the project page http://murzikshop.ru/shop/babushkanakormit/. The internet store “MURZIK” will deliver food to volunteers of the project #БАБУШКАНАКОРМИТ (#GRANDMAWILLFEED), who will hand it over to grandmothers, poor citizens and disabled people who take care of homeless cats.

All photo reports of our work will be posted in the Photo Gallery section and on the “MURZIK” online pet store website in the News page.